We work to become, not to acquire Elbert Hubbard cityscape
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Cory Johnston, P.E.
Cory began his career in 1978 after graduating from Lawrence Institute of Technolgy with a Bachelors degree in Architecture. He went on to complete a degree in Construction Engineering in 1989 and became a registered engineer that same year. In 2008, after 30 years with a small Michigan Consulting Engineering firm he left to form his own company with a focus on cost-effective design and responsive service. Corian has become increasingly involved in the health of the built environment with involvement in the Main Street Oakland County program, walkable cities and other "smart" growth aspects to make better use of the limited resources we have.

Robyn Johnston
Robyn has been involved in architecture and enginnering since graduating from Lawrence Insttiute of Technology in 1979. She has been responsible for estimating and project control on multi-million dollar jobs as well as the designer and project manager on numerous residential projects, including co-chairing a five home build with Habitat for Humanity. In her multi-disciplined and varied career she has developed and implemented CAD standards in multiple ARchitectural and Engineering offices as well as office organization and computer procedures

Tom, Dick and Mary
These have becom our most dependable workers and the backbone of our operation. They work 24/7 and never complain. Aside from an occasional unexpected break, They give us great support in our work with Ram, TEDDS, Woodworks, Autocad, Revit and more.


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