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Olde World Canterbury Village is a designated historical landmark in the State of Michigan and extends over 21 acres on part of the original Scripps Farm.  Many of the original buildings were incorporated into what is now one the largest Christmas stores in the world.  The current owner wanted to add to the existing buildings to make the facility more multi-purpose and to exhibit his collection of European architectural artifacts. 

The King’s Court Banquet facility was designed to be compatible with the existing buildings,  while addressing the multi-function requirements of a modern day structure and restaurant.  Steel framing and masonry walls were used to meet these requirements while being sensitive to buildings of a different time and place. 

The Carousel Building is an exposed steel space frame providing a completely open floor plan to show off the elaborate carousel that is fully functional.  Windows all around, clerestory lighting and a center peak , all with wood decking, provide a modern but fitting enclosure from both inside and out.

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